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Local Economic Development Plan 2019-2020 of Kutaisi City Municipality developed within the EU initiative "Mayors for Economic Growth"

15 July, 2019

Kutaisi City Municipality joined the memorandum by signing it in 2017 with the initiative of the EU for "Mayors for Economic Growth" and took responsibility to fulfill the issues under the Memorandum. The “Mayors of Economic Growth” initiative aim at supporting local authorities in the Eastern Partnership countries, actively promoting local economic development and creating of new jobs as well as creating convenient conditions for local economic, social and cultural participation archiving society’s welfare and rising life’s level.

In the framework of this initiative and the technical support of the Secretariat of the European Union in Tbilisi in 2019-2020, Local Economic Development Plan of Kutaisi municipality (LEDP) was developed. This is a medium-term document created for the needs of the private sector, self-government capabilities and their common goals, aimed at stimulating entrepreneurial activity in the city, promoting the development of human skills and raising awareness of the city.

Local Economic Development Plan (LEDP) of Kutaisi 2019-2020 was discussed by experts of the World Bank and is recognized as an appropriate document for the "Mayors Economic Growth" (M4EG) principles and is assessed positively. There by, the Kutaisi Municipality advanced to the status of the M4EG Club's acting member. On April 24, 2019, the Kutaisi City Council approved the “Local Economic Development Plan of the Kutaisi Municipality for 2019–2020” (City Council Order No. 168 of April 24, 2019).

The local economic development group was created in Kutaisi City Hall, composed of 7 members: 3 members from the City Hall, 1 member from private sector, 2 members from civil society organizations and 1 representative of the scientific community, who were selected by the relevant sectors' recommendations, according to their influence and interests on the Local Economic Development. The group is headed by the Deputy Mayor of Kutaisi municipality Nino Tvaltvadze. Giorgi Giorgobiani, Head of the Economic Development and Transport Development Service, property and transport manager of the local government of the city hall of Kutaisi municipality, was appointed as the Local Economic Development Officer (LEDO), who is the main coordinator for the plan and implementation of the plan. Together with the Working Group, Department of Economic Development his professional public servants worked for organizational and information provision. For determining the city's needs and priorities the information was collected from the following sources:

·         Meetings and discussions with NGOs, business and scientific circles

·         Interviews and filling questionnaires of youth (students) and representatives of Apartment Owners’ Unions.

·         Strategic documents about the city and region

·         Discussions of LED group

In the end, LED Group has conducted 24 workshops for the elaboration of the plan.

In the process of developing the LED Plan, the strategic vision of the city and the relevant objectives, which were planned for 2019-2020, were developed, taking into account the proposals, recommendations and needs of the citizens and the private sector.

Kutaisi aims to become a city where investment developed and entrepreneurial environment makes the city known on the international level and encourages the growth, development and employment of the local economy.

Strategic Objective:

1.       Improvement of investment and entrepreneurial environment.

2.       Development of human skills related to business management.

3.       Increase awareness of the cityP

Local Economic Development Officer (LEDO) will coordinate the fulfillment of the 2019-2020 Plan of Local Economic Development of Kutaisi Municipality, which will be monitored by a group of five members, one of which is from local self-government, 2 civil sector and 2 local business representatives. The gender balance is maintained in the process of staff monitoring. The monitoring will be carried out at least once in every 6 months. The monitoring team will evaluate the implementation of the measures implemented in the LED Plan according to the results and monitoring indicators

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