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Competition for the UN Modeling Conference

13 July, 2018

Interview for young people participating in the project "UN modeling 2018" started. The interview will be held on June 19-20 in Kutaisi for young people and 30 motivated youth will be selected who will be able to get involved in the project. A total of 60 (18 to 25 years) youth will participate in the project, 30 from Kutaisi and 30 from the twin towns. The project "UN modeling 2018" aims to introduce and disseminate democratic values ​​among youths in September. Development of communication and professional skills and strengthening cooperation with the twin towns of Kutaisi is the main task of the project. The project is implemented by NGO "Local Democracy Agency Georgia" with the financial support of Kutaisi Municipality, Peace Corps and UNDP.

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